Important industries in the Business directory Ask-Christel

The most wanted industries you can find here in Important industries.


Trouble with your landlord? Problems with the neighbors? Legal assistance can be found at one of the many lawyers in our Business Directory.
Nationwide 59.648 Attorney found.

Cabinet Shop

You do not want any furniture from the tape? A shelf or cabinet must be Made to measure? The joiner you trust can help you.
Nationwide 37.642 Cabinet Shop found.


No fear of the dentist! Good and experienced dentists you will find here. So you can not get toothache.
Nationwide 35.718 Dentist found.

Hair Salon

It is time for a change? A new hair must be found? Find the right Hairdressers in your area.
Nationwide 59.437 Hair Salon found.

Hotels and Accommodations

You need an accommodation? Whether on vacation or business trip, here you find the right hotel for your destination.
Nationwide 48.174 Hotels and Accommodations found.


For a good insurance it is important to find a contact person in the vicinity. Below are insurance agencies in your area.
Nationwide 42.493 Insurance found.

Non-Medical Practitioner

They prefer alternative therapies? They prefer homeopathic remedies? We help to find the right doctor in your area.
Nationwide 19.881 Non-Medical Practitioner found.


You need a new wallpaper? Your house needs a new coat of paint? A painters in your area will get the job done.
Nationwide 32.149 Painter found.


You search for a new home or a property as an investment? Real estate agents and services in real estate can be found here.
Nationwide 41.783 Realty found.


You have no desire to cook yourself? Or you just want to spend a pleasant evening? A restaurant in your area can be found here.
Nationwide 101.632 Restaurant found.


Is your roof leaking? A new skylight for your roof? Find roofers throughout Germany and in your location.
Nationwide 15.355 Roofers found.


The easiest way from A to B is with the taxi. The taxi driver bring you safely to your destination. You have the mind for other things.
Nationwide 9.425 Taxis found.